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I just found your blog and wanted to say that I love it!!!! I read almost all of your entries at work this weekend. I work 3rd shift so ususally have a lot of spare time to knit and read blogs. Keep up the good work and little X is adorable. I used to work in NICU so I know what a little bit what you were going through when he was born. Looks like he is going great!!!!


Dude. I totally can't believe it's been two years. That's craziness! This knitting blog thing sure makes time fly by...

Happy blogiversary!


Hi ya Jen,

Did you get your report finished? Sounds like a lot of work. They should be paying your for you work -- or at least matching the amount of time you put into that project with an equal amount of resources on the project side. We have a Neighborhood Matching Fund here in Seattle where we can do just that -- it's great for the city and helps to give residents a way to help make projects happen.


Looking forward to seeing you next week.


Dipsy D.

Happy second Blogiversary! I'm looking for two - or more - great years reading your blog!


Well Happy Blogiversary!


Happy Bloggerthday! Glad you had a nice get-away. Oh, I know all about that kind of procrastinating (the redesign looks good, by the way), but you get to work so you can play with Cara and relax and enjoy yourself at home!


Blog looks great (not a day older than 6 months). Glad to hear that you had a good time in Miami. Brian was very jealous when he read that that is where you went (he is dying to go there).


JUST DO IT! I want to play!!!!


Ooh! I can't wait to see what you do with it!! I haven't done a thing with anything we bought that day (except give some of it away).


Don't you hate when a pronect like that is hanging over your head? I hope you can get it done soon!
And happy blog birthday! The terrible twos, eh?

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